Day: October 30, 2015

#POCtober – Graveyard Shift Sisters: Purging The Black Female Horror Fan From The Margins (@GraveyardSister)

Here at Dark Matters, we’re really impressed by Ashlee Blackwell’s website Graveyard Shift Sisters and her mission to purge the “black female horror fan from the margins” of not only horror and genre media in general, but also from the confines of persistent, destructive, and ultimately boring stereotypes.

For two years, Graveyard Shift Sisters has been doing a fantastic job of educating folks with interviews and articles about black female horror directors, actors, TV & web series, writers, characters, books, and fans, all while putting her enthusiasm and respect at the forefront. This month’s treats include an article about black women in zombie movies, an interview with author Constance Burris and another with the creator of comic Eating Vampires and founder of Women in Comics NYC Collective International, Regine Sawyer.

So go to the site and discover black women directing, acting in, producing, writing, reading, and freaking loving horror and sci-fi. Black female horror mavens exist, hear them roar!

(Seriously. Do yourself a solid and check out

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