Month: November 2014

Inside Afrofuturism: A Sonic Companion

Discussion on Afrofuturism and music is topic for this BFI special event.

Inside Afrofuturism: A Sonic Companion is a session that’s part of Inside Afrofuturism, a season of films exploring the world of Afrofuturism during the British Film Institute’s 3-month long program “Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder.” Check out music videos and tracks at the BFI’s website.

The cover of Parliament’s 1975 album Mothership Connection

Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder — 3 Months of Cultural Exploration

The British Film Institute’s juggernaut of a celebration of sci-fi runs from October to December, 2014, and includes viewings and events at more than 120 locations all across the UK. In a perfect (or even much better) world, we’d take 3 months out of life, attend every session and report back on our experiences. It sounds incredible.

The ongoing program’s 3-day collection of sessions, “Inside Afrofuturism” runs November 29-December 1, and will feature cultural analysis, music, film, and discussion.

On November 30, the session Exploring Afrofuturism: “The Last Angel of History” will give participants the chance to view and discuss John Akomfrah’s 1996 “sci-fi parable and essay” The Last Angel of History.

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