Day: July 14, 2014

A Bomb in the Lasagna: “Snowpiercer” Pierces (sorry) Through Genre Convention

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The plot: The last straggling remnants of humanity are sequestered on a weather-resistant super-train after the entire world if frozen over. While the first class passengers live in comfort and luxury, the passengers in the tail of the train are mistreated and live in meager conditions. Led by Curtis (Chris Evans) and Gilliam (John Hurt), the citizens of the tail plan to take control of the train from its mysterious designer and engineer, Wilford (Ed Harris) with the help of drug-addled lock expert Namgoong (Kang-ho Song) and his daughter Yona (Ah-sung Ko). But all is not as it seems on the kaleidoscopic train, as Curtis comes to better understand just how the train and its society are run.

During the film’s opening minutes, you’d be excused for believing that Snowpiercer was standard post-apocalyptic sci-fi fare. Exposition in the form of radio broadcasts during the opening credits inform us that the…

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Seriously guys, put POC in your sci-fi movies, books, and tv shows.

Seriously guys, put POC in your sci-fi movies, books, and tv shows. Seeing a film with none of them at all is actually kind of scary for me.

It would be like you sitting down to watch a movie about a dystopian near future and there are absolutely no men and the plot doesn’t address that at all. Like, literally wouldn’t your first thought be that men were at some point eradicated completely by the women?

That is what we’re pretty much forced to think about your entirely white fictional society. Maybe y’all herded us into death camps. Maybe y’all just shot us all in the streets. All I know is there are none of us left and no one seems to find it suspicious or unusual.

If you don’t want people to think that about your work, then for the love of god include us in your narrative.

~ Kayla Ancrum

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