Day: July 13, 2014

What if? Elbow Room’s Ray Chong Nee on The Motion of Light in Water.

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Ray Chong Nee

The Motion of Light in Water celebrates the complicated, exhilarating journey of the human heart, as our imaginations soar through space and time.

Inspired by the life and work of Samuel R. Delany and Marilyn Hacker, and powered by a crack ensemble of six extraordinary performers, this world premiere links three stories into a theatrical fantasia of sound, light and space, exploring what it means – and what it might yet mean – to be human, and to love.

Multi-award-winning Elbow Room have crafted a unique and touching affirmation of our power to imagine a better tomorrow.

We caught up with Ray Chong Nee ahead of the Melbourne premiere at Theatre Works as part of our Selected Works program.

Elbow Room.  Tell us about working with Elbow Room – how do you collaborate together make a new work?  What has your involvement been with discovering how to tell this…

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