Day: July 11, 2016

Ditching the Revisionist History Behind That ‘White Inventions’ Hashtag

LINK: The White Inventor Argument

PLUS: Some Science, Facts and History To Counter That Hilarious #WhiteInventions Tag That We Woke Up To…

10 Mexican Inventors Everyone Should Know

Japanese Inventions and Discoveries

16 African Inventions That Changed The World As We Know It Today!

Native American Inventions In Medicine

Muslim Inventions That Shaped the Modern World

The Most Important Inventions Created by Hispanic Americans

25 Amazing Ancient Indian Inventions That Changed The World Today

You Probably Didn’t Know These 8 Inventions Came From Hawaii

10 Awesome Latino Inventions

22 Chinese Inventions That Changed the World

Aztec Inventions – Aztec History

World Patent Marketing Presents the Greatest Arabian Inventions

Famous Black Inventors

Native Inventions and Innovations That Changed the World

15 Famous Arab & Persian Scientists and Their Inventions

8 World-Changing Inventions By Women Of Color

Black Scientists and Inventors

OBVIOUSLY this list is far from complete…

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