Day: June 6, 2016

Saturday Ruled at Wizard World Philly 2016!

This threesome was serious as a heart attack about their cosplaying.

These gentlemen were serious as three heart attacks about their cosplaying. (Granted, they looked pretty great.)

by Erica Freeman

I made sure I got myself to the noon panel on Saturday “Superpower to the People!: Creating and Promoting Diverse Voices in Geek Culture,” which included Ariell Johnson of Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse; the creators of the comic anthology series Dirty Diamonds, Claire Folkman and Kelly Phillips; Len Webb (Bat Tribble) of podcasting posse Black Tribbles; and artist Rodney Camarce, youth development & engagement manager with Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program.

My favorite part. The trunk of Sam and Dean's (ok, DEAN'S) Impala.

My favorite part. The trunk of Sam and Dean’s (ok, DEAN’S) Impala.

Panel members shared about their own geeky backgrounds and answered questions from a diverse audience about how to take nerdy passions and turn them into careers.

Ariell Johnson remarked that the mainstream entertainment industry is currently looking to comic culture for sophisticated stories, a long distance from the campy content they’d grown used to.

Len Webb pointed out that “’80s babies” are the ones entering the ranks of media runners, bringing with them sensibilities shaped by the cartoons, movies, and superheroes of their childhoods.

Man joyfully accosting Pikachu.

Man joyfully accosting Pikachu.

There wasn’t enough time to get to all the fans with questions, but I’m betting there’s going to be a bunch of opportunities to hear more from the panel members before the next convention.

You can find panel members on social media:

Rodney Camarce: @rodneycamarce

Len Webb and Black Tribbles: @BlackTribbles

Ariell Johnson and Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse: @AmalgamPhilly and Amalgam’s Facebook page

Dirty Diamonds: Facebook page, the Dirty Diamonds website

Claire Folkman of Dirty Diamonds: @ClaireFolkman

Kelly Phillips of Dirty Diamonds: @kellypcomics



She was twirling.

She was twirling.

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