Day: January 30, 2015

What’s going on with “Savage Sistas”??

Find out about the movie at its website.

…Don’t know what to think, especially with the movie yet unseen. This (white) director apparently has good intentions, and who knows? *If* it does what he says it wants to, the film could be just what a lot of us want to see in black, female horror heroes.

Orrrrrrrrrr, it could be a hot mess. The word “savage” is in the title, and the use of the term “archetype” in the description below is off the mark. Maybe that’s ’nuff said.


Quiet & mild-mannered, the creator of SAVAGE SISTAS is writer / director Dan Smith. He has worked behind the camera for over twenty years directing commercials, corporate videos and multimedia events. Although he has enjoyed a lot of success in the field, it was time to pursue his ultimate passion… to make a feature film. As a big fan of horror films from the 70s and 80s, Dan was inspired to write the SAVAGE SISTAS screenplay by desert road trips to Las Vegas. The story is a love letter to the redneck-psycho sub-genre, which includes the films THE HILLS HAVE EYES, WRONG TURN, DELIVERANCE and of course THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.

SAVAGE SISTAS puts a new spin on this familiar premise, by combining the bloodthirsty hillbilly element with a new kind of hero … tough African American women. Where did this heroic archetype go? Once a driving force in the Blaxploitation genre of the 70s, these no-nonsense, kick-ass females have all but disappeared from cinema. Where have they all gone? Dan is determined to make a film where the heroes have strong roles, make smart decisions in dangerous situations, and just happen to be black women. These female characters don’t make silly choices and they react to danger totally different than their white counterparts. “I’m a huge horror fan… and I’m making the kind of movie that fans want to see.”

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