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#POCtober: NOT for the easily scared…

Bongcheon-Dong Ghost 봉천동 귀신 (English Version)


Written & Illustrated by Horan Studios, Korea

Korean Webtoons Wiki calls this webtoon “one of the most horrifying online comics of all time”. In classic urban legend style, the toon has been word-of-mouth hyped as being based on real events- namely the 2002 suicide of one “Mrs. Cho”, a divorced mother who offs herself after losing a custody battle.

A quick cruise through You Tube brings up any number of reaction videos- people filming their pals flipping out as they watch the webtoon for the first time. It makes for an effective scare prank during the Halloween season- or any time, really, you feel like squickishly tormenting your loved ones. Enjoy!

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